Hello Mark,

Thank you for so much Mark. Seeing the biz website come together so well is invigorating and refreshing- especially when starting a new biz. Thanks again. I am extremely happy with your work product.

Paymon Bidari – BidariCivilDefense.com

Hello Mark and Bev,

Thank you 4 all of the great work you have done on my website.
In these difficult times its nice to know my site is there to promote my world.

Hope all is well with you.
Andrew Marks

Hi Mark:

Thank you for all that you and Ms Beverly do for us throughout the year.  I have never been happier that you are assisting me with the hosting of my website.  I don’t feel like I have to learn a whole new industry to take care of my website.

Thank you to all of you.

Gaby Tiscareno
Wedding & Event Coordinator
5205 E Orangethorpe Ave
Anaheim, CA  92807
Tel:  714..693.1030
Fax:  714.693.1034
E:  gaby@tiscarenoscatering.com
W:  www.tiscarenoscatering.com

Thank you Hosting OC.  I have over the years hosted various sites with the big hosting companies.  It always seems I am ahead of the curve or their support is way behind the curve.  I tried the small companies and usually experienced spotty help or major downtime.  Then I chanced upon Hosting OC.  I have had my sites with them for a couple years now.  What a difference!  Uptime, great CMS solution with every feature I have ever wanted and more.  Easy to manage and great support.  I highly recommend you consider them for your next website.  Even better than all that, if you need help designing your site or just a page they have someone who can do that for you as well.  Full service Web Hosting and Design.  What a concept!


David H.
Fullerton Ca

Hi Mark,
Just wanted you to know that I’m hearing really nice things about the website — “looks great!”  “It’s awesome!”  “I’m jealous!”  are just some of the comments of heard.
Thanks so much,

My company has benefited from the services of Hosting OC since the beginning of our association 7 years ago. They have done in-depth analysis and made suggestions for the expansion of our website. With their knowledge and expertise, they have helped to move our search listing (using the search terms ‘John Livingston’ and ‘Romantic Piano Music’ ) to the first page on both the Google and Yahoo search engines. This accomplishment has benefited my company tremendously.

Livingston Musical Services

Owner: John Livingston

Commerce Website: candlelightclassics.com



Beverly always comes through with what she promises. She is an idea person who is able to implement through final product. Her integrity is beyond reproach.” October 27, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Theresa Harvey

Hired Beverly as a IT Consultant in 2006 Beverly was a great asset to me at my last company. She was very competent as a business partner and handled herself and her company with great respect and professionalism. It is a goal of mine to work with her again as Hosting OC was always on time with deadlines and was very productive in team meetings.” October 27, 2008

Jaime Diaz, Manager of Network Services, Teknica ITG
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com


Beverly is a fantastic resource for all things web related. She is personable, a trait that sets her apart from other techies, and has fantastic follow through. You can’t go wrong if you need expert website advice!” October 27, 2008

1st Laura Riffel, President, Guardant Investments, Inc.
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com

“Beverly is Fantastic! Her excellent customer service skills, knowledge and expertise in her industry make her a true business professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking for Web Hosting!” October 27, 2008

Jennifer Coffey, Sales Executive, Recall
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com




I know Beverly Thomson thru the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. She is dedicated and dependable as our Chair of the Ambassador Committee. She puts her heart into every endeavor, which is why it is always a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend Beverly Thomson for all your web site needs.” December 1, 2008

Leah Song, Business Development, Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com


Beverly and Hosting OC have been my web host for sometime now and consistently provide great service. Mark and Beverly are able to put your thoughts and ideas into a web design that will get you the exposure you are looking for on the world wide web. I highly recommend you contact Hosting OC for all your web development needs!” December 18, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Mike Birenbaum hired Beverly as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007

I have known Beverly for over four years. I have worked with Beverly on the Leadership Team of the BNI Go-Getters. I have also had Beverly and Mark Thomson put together a website for my business.

I have found Beverly to be knowledgeable and personable. Beverly promptly responds to needs that arise, demonstrates a high level of experience, and is concerned about the best interests of the client. She can be counted on to provide effective, quality service.

If you need a website that is professionally done and reasonably priced, I recommend you contact Beverly.” March 12, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Jay Fullman hired Beverly as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2008




I have known Beverly Thomson for several years and have worked with her through part of the Ambassador Program with the Fullerton Chamber. I have also had the pleasure of taking care of all her Mary Kay needs. She is very involved in helping the Fullerton Chamber and their members. She is a woman of her word and follows through with all of her commitments.

She had helped many people set up and maintain their business web sites as well as re-create what they already have to give them greater business web site success. Her slogan “Where would your web site be without Hosting OC” says it all.” July 28, 2009

Norma Ames, Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay, Inc.
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com




Beverly is someone who knows the right connections to get the job done and has the knowledge to get it done right. She is an integral part of teamwork and makes things happen fast. A people person with a great personality, I highly recommend Beverly.” May 9, 2011

Helen Butler, Creative Director, Helen Butler Graphics, Design | Print | Web
was with another company when working with Beverly at HostingOC.com




If you want to have someone that knows how to setup and run your web site. You need to get with Beverly. She’s not only on top of things but she knows what she is doing. We are on a power team for BNI Business Connection she is always helping others grow their business with great referrals.” May 15, 2011

Ron Kennedy, Owner, Ron Kennedy Promotions
was a consultant or contractor to Beverly at HostingOC.com




Hosting OC and Beverly Thompson is a web hosting company that can design your website and gives you a contact management system. Beverly is currently doing the website for the Woman’s Club of Fullerton, a networking group that I co-founded Mastermind Alliance and my husband business Battery Express, Inc. You need to use Hosting OC as they will make you visible on the internet and gives you systems to make your business grow. I strongly endorse Hosting OC. Barb Leonhardt
President of Woman’s Club of Fullerton
Co-Founder of Mastermind Alliance in Fullerton
VP of Battery Express, Inc.
Realtor…Prudential California Realty” August 6, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Barb Leonhardt hired Beverly more than once




I heartily recommend Beverly Thomson and her husband Mark of HostingOC.com. They put together my website for me about a year ago, and I have received nothing but compliments on it ever since!

Not only are Beverly and Mark both very personable and highly trustworthy, but their Custom Designed Content Management Website platform enables me to edit my website as I see fit without having to go back to them for every little change. That means that I can alter my text, update my profile, and make announcements on my website without having to pay extra or wait for someone else to do it for me. The means to accomplish that are very simple, and the learning curve was minimal. Mark Thomson was especially helpful in the early days of the website in teaching me the ropes.

Overall, HostingOC.com is one of the best deals in cyberspace for web design and hosting services!” August 8, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

1st Brian Neil Burg hired Beverly as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2010

Beverly is a woman of great integrity and an expert in her field.

I have known her since 2004 and was grateful to finally be able to work together. She and Mark have the diligence to complete projects with high quality and on time. She has increased our sales by creating an effective presence on the web.

I highly recommend Bev for anyone considering website design or hosting!

Donna Edman
People’s Care” September 5, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity



Ron Kemp

“I’ve had my site hosted by HOC for at least 5 years. They rock!”



“I have had my website with Beverly and Mark for several years now and they did a great job. Whenever I need updates, all i do is call Mark and he gets on it immediately. Paws2tail is very happy to have Mark and Bev.


Larry Ontiveros


Cheryl Shoats
Hosting OC does a great job designing your website and finding out exactly what you want. I would recommend to anyone!!!
Ric Opalka
Great people. Great company
Brian Neil Burg
Beverly and Mark did a great job with my website (www.BrianNeilBurg.com)!



Doug and Kathi Hikawa
Hosting OC is the designer of the Miss Fullerton Scholarship Website. It’s amazing and everyone in pageant land goes to our website to see results in the Miss CA system. Thank You to Hosting OC
Barbara Leonhardt
I strongly encourage you to use Hosting OC. I’ve known Mark and Beverly for several years. They really know there stuff about web development and how to have your website seen on Google. They are top notch in my book. I have Hosting OC do the webpages for my networking group Mastermind Alliance OC and also for the Woman’s Club of Fullerton. There is no company better!